About - Chad Suggs

Some say cats have nine lives.

I say why not humans?

Too many of us never reinvent ourselves or our careers. We just keep going into our jobs, oftentimes unhappy,  every day so we can pay the bills without questioning ourselves. Well that changed for me recently.

By background I came from the corporate world, particularly finance. After my most recent layoff I focused on re-discovery of myself and what I want out of life. There was no doubt……I needed another “life”. I was feeling stagnant and questioning what value I was bringing to the world.

I chose to embark on a new journey following my passion of photography. I’ve always loved to take photos of my travels, pets, strangers and friends as I told the story behind the pics.  Now I've turned this into a business.  I hope you enjoy my work.

You can learn more about me in a recent artist feature at VoyageLA

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